Estimated Expenses at VMI in 1861

Virginia Military Institute at Lexington.


AS soon as the Cadets now in the field can be spared from the duties upon which they are now detached, they will return to the Institute, and regular Academic exercises will be commenced.

In the meantime, young men of good character, who desire the advantages of the military instruction of the Institution, theoretic, as well as practical, will be admitted upon presenting themselves to the acting Superintendent, Major S. Crutchfield.

Persons thus admitted will be organized into classes for instruction in infantry, artillery, and cavalry tactics, in field fortification, strategy and pyrotechny, and will be controlled and governed by the same regulations which apply to Cadets.  The first element in a soldier’s instruction is to learn respect for, and submission to, lawful authority, and no one will be received under any circumstances who is not willing to submit to this control.  The tendency of a state of war is to demoralize the soldier.  It is the high function of the Virginia Military Institute to restrain this tendency by imparting, as far as it may, the qualifying influences of discipline.  When the regular Academic exercises are resumed, the persons thus admitted to the privileges of Cadets, will be allowed to withdraw, or to continue the regular course of the Institute, at will, and in the meantime no charge will be made for tuition.  Deposit on admission, $120.


Board per month, $12.00 Library fee, 2.00
Washing, 1.50 Music fee, 5.00
Fuel and lights, 1.50 Contingencies per m’th, 6.00
Medical fee, 5.00 Uniform, 20.00
Room furniture, 5.00

— Richmond Enquirer, 31 May 1861, p. 3, c. 6.

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