Washington’s Birthday Was Duly Celebrated

Stainless Banner over Ft. Sumter.

Washington’s Birthday was duly celebrated in Fort Sumter last Monday by the Washington Light Infantry of this city. The Eutaw Band was in attendance, and furnished appropriate music.

The following were the regular toasts and the responses made to them on the occasion:

1.  The Day we Celebrate — Illustrious in History as the Birthday of Washington. May we, as soldiers of the South, ever strive to emulate that devotion to duty, that consistent piety and self-sacrificing patriotism, which rendered him the hero of the first Revolution.
Music by Band — “Eutaw Banner Song”

2.  The Commandant of Fort Sumter — His chivalric bearing and soldierly demeanor justly entitle him to the confidence and esteem of his countrymen.
Response by Lieut. Col. Elliott. Music by Band–“Hail to the Chief.”

3.  The Engineer Corps of Fort Sumter — Who, with energy, courage and skill, have continually met and overcome, apparently insurmountable difficulties.
Response by Captain John Johnson. Music by Band — “Root Hog or Die.”

4.  The Medical Staff of Fort Sumter — The dispensers of the healing art. With courtesy and skill they are ever prompt to administer to the wants of the suffering. After which, the Surgeon’s call was sounded, and response made by Surgeon Hasel. Music by Band.

5.  Our Departed Comrades — Their names are now inscribed on the Roll of the Martyrs of Liberty. Their sacrifice shall ever impart to us a sacredness to the cause of Southern Independence.
Drank in silence — company standing. Music by Band — “Rest, Spirits, rest.”

6.  The Women of the South — Whose heroic fortitude, patriotic devotion and Christian virtues have rendered unconquerable the armies of their country.
Music by Band — “Am I not fondly thine own.”

After a number of volunteer sentiments and songs by the “Glee Club,” the company dispersed, highly pleased with their entertainment.

— Charleston Mercury, 26 February 1864, p. 2, c. 1.

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