Tenacious D; Jack Black & Kyle Gass.

Long time ago me and my brother Kyle here,
We was hitchhikin’ down a long and lonesome road.
All of a sudden there shined a shiny demon
In the middle of the road and he said:
“Play the best song in the world or I’ll eat your soul.”

Well, me and Kyle, we looked at each other,
And we each said, “Okay.”
And we played the first thing that came to our heads:
Just so happened to be the best song in the world;
It was the best song in the world.

Look into my eyes and it’s easy to see,
One and one make two, two and one make three, it was destiny.
Once every hundred-thousand years or so,
When the sun doth shine and the moon doth glow,
And the grass doth grow.

Needless to say, the beast was stunned.
Whip-crack went his whoopy tail,
And the beast was done.
He asked us, “Be you angels?”
And we said, “Nay, we are but men”, rock!

— Tenacious D, Tribute.

Published by Christian Clay Columba Campbell

Christian Clay Columba Campbell is a Roman Catholic of the Anglican Use. As Senior Warden of the Cathedral of the Incarnation (Orlando, FL), he organised the process by which the parish accepted the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus, petitioning to join the Catholic Church. The Anglican Cathedral is now the Church of the Incarnation in the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. Personal queries should be directed to me at eccentricbliss dot com.

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