Arms of the Province of Manitoba

The arms of the Canadian province of Manitoba.
The arms of the Canadian province of Manitoba.

Published by Christian Clay Columba Campbell

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  1. In fact, Manitoba and Ontario did not have provincial flags until after the Maple Leaf was adopted, so they didn’t ‘keep’ them through the change. It was a conservative reaction to Pearson’s victory in giving Canada a distinctive flag. Until then, Canada’s flag was not official, and easily confused with those of other countries and regions. Even the Hudson’s Bay Co. flag looked like the “Canadian” ensign. Much of the confusion resulted from the British union flag in the canton. Being in the upper-left-most corner, it was easily visible, but the coat of arms in the fly was not, and made identification difficult.

    Now, the flags of Manitoba and Ontario suffer the same problems. I would suggest a change, which would still preserve ‘heritage’: Make the shield the flag. This would retain the cross of St. George, but make the dominant color of Manitoba’s flag green and blue, and Ontario’s green. This would add distinction to each one.

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