Small Eyebrows Were Considered Very Beautiful

The [Celtic] women were very beautiful, and were as tall and courageous as the men. The beauty of Claudia Rufina, a British lady, is celebrated by Martial. Ammianus seems to represent the females as stronger than their husbands, but he probably means in domestic warfare only. They paid much attention to their persons, especially in Aquitain, where you could not see a woman, however poor, in foul and ragged clothes, as in other places.

Small eyebrows were considered very beautiful among the ancient Caledonians, and some females received their names from this handsome feature. Caol mhal signifies a woman with small eyebrows. The heroes of Morven were not insensible to the power of female eyes. Darthula was so called from the beauty of her’s; and a common phrase in the Highlands to this day, when extolling the beauty of a woman, is to say she is lovely as Darthula.

– The Scottish Gaël; Or, Celtic Manners, as Preserved Among the Highlanders: Being an Historical and Descriptive Account of the Inhabitants, Antiquities, and National Peculiarities of Scotland : More Particularly of the Northern, Or Gaëlic Parts of the Country, where the Singular Habits of the Aboriginal Celts are Most Tenaciously Retained, James Logan, London, 1831.

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