Altus Prosator “A”

CAPITULUM A Title: De unitate et Trinitate trium personarum. Argument: Vetustus dierum sedebat super sedem suam. (Daniel vii. 9.) ALTUS prosator vetustus dierum et ingenitus erat absque origine primordii et crepidine est et erit in secula seculorum infinita cui est unigenitus christus et sanctus spiritus coeternus in gloria dietatis perpetuae non tris deos depromimus sed unum […]

These Gifts I Bring Thee

The badge consists of Mercury, the god of Commerce and Merchandise, presenting to Britannia a fisherman who, in a kneeling attitude, is offering the harvest of all the sea. Above the device in a scroll are the words ‘Terra Nova’, and below the motto Hæc Tibi Dona Fero or “These gifts I bring thee.” The seal was redesigned by Adelaine Lane, niece […]

Buffoons, Drunken Germans, Dwarfs, and Other Such Absurdities

We painters use the same license as poets and madmen. — Paolo Veronese. * * * This day, July eighteenth, 1573. Called to the Holy Office before the sacred tribunal, Paolo Galliari Veronese residing in the parish of Saint Samuel, and being asked as to his name and surname replied as above. Being asked as […]