Infused, Not Acquired

Catharína, virgo Senénsis, piis orta paréntibus, beáti Domínici hábitum, quem Soróres de Poeniténtia gestant, impetrávit. Summa eius fuit abstinéntia et admirábilis vitæ austéritas. Cum Pisis morarétur, die Domínico, refécta cibo cælésti et in éxtasim rapta, vidit Dóminum crucifíxum magno cum lúmine adveniéntem, et ex eius vúlnerum cicatrícibus quinque rádios ad quinque loca sui córporis descendéntes. […]

A Waddin Toast

Be as the swans that glimmer ower the loch Waddit for life, until Daith dis them pairt Be as the Cushie Doos, that coort foraye Their dearies, wi a douce an tender-hairt Be as the Ernes, sae fierce, an yet sae leal Far reengin, yet wi a returnin wing Be as the Hoolets, bosied in […]

Sine Ulla Condicione

Ei Nos, sicut Petrus, quoque fidelitatem Nostram sine ulla condicione promissam renovamus. Ei uni servire cogitamus Nosque totos eius Ecclesiae ministerio devovere. Primum nuntium Summi Pontificis Benedicti XVI post concelebrationem eucharisticam cum cardinalibus electoribus in Capella Sistina, die XX mensis Aprilis, anno Domini MMV.

Harrowing Inroads

Her wæron reðe forebecna cumene ofer Norðhymbra land, ⁊ þæt folc earmlic bregdon, þæt wæron ormete þodenas ⁊ ligrescas,⁊ fyrenne dracan wæron gesewene on þam lifte fleogende. Þam tacnum sona fyligde mycel hunger, ⁊ litel æfter þam, þæs ilcan geares on .vi. Idus Ianuarii, earmlice hæþenra manna hergunc adilegode Godes cyrican in Lindisfarnaee þurh hreaflac […]

The Glory of Brightness

Quam si diligentius aspicias, nihil virtutis est, nihil speciositatis, nihil candoris gloriae, quod ex ea non resplendeat.1 Der Pseudo-Hieronymus-Brief IX “Cogitas me”, ed. Ripberger, §92. Nis heo nanes haliges mægnes bedæled, ne nanes wlites, ne nanre beorhtnysse; and forðy heo wæs ymbtrymed mid rosen and lilian, þæt hyre mihta wæron mid mihtum underwriðode, and hire […]

Blameless Woman and Hallowed Man

Benedicta, inquit, tu inter mulieres, quae uitam et uiris et mulieribus peperisti. Ede, inculpabilis femina, inuiolabilem uirum; et sic et feminam saluabis et uirum. Mater generis nostri poenam intulit mundo; genetrix Domini nostri salutem et feminae gessit viro… Pseudo-Augustine, Sermo cxx, PL 39, 1985.

MacMillan’s Cross at Kilmory

  The chapel of Kilmorie, in South Knapdale, has been already referred to as having traditionally been erected by St. Charmaig (Cormac). Its walls are still almost complete, and it is surrounded by a burying-ground. In both the chapel and graveyard are many slabs ornamented with the sword and shears. The cross figured in this […]

An Incalculable Error

Today, division and schism are officially acknowledged to exist not only outside of but within the Church. Her unity is not only threatened but already tragically compromised. Errors against the Faith are not so much insinuated but rather an inevitable consequence of liturgical abuses and aberrations which have been given equal recognition. To abandon a […]

Empress of Hell

Aue Marie mater Domini nostri Iesus Christi regina celi domina mundi imperatrix inferni misere mei & totius populi Christiani Amen. / Dia do betha a Muiri a mathair ar Tigerna .i. Isa Crist a righan nimi a bantigerna in domuin a banimpir ifirn / dena trocuiri orum agus ar in pobul ar c[h]ena. Antiphon from […]