Amen Cryed All Hell

Gilbert Burnet, after John Riley, oil on canvas, feigned oval, (circa 1689-1691), 29 1/4 in. x 24 3/4 in.; National Portrait Gallery.
Gilbert Burnet, after John Riley, oil on canvas, feigned oval, (circa 1689-1691), 29 1/4 in. x 24 3/4 in.; National Portrait Gallery.

When the doctor took liberties, which was not seldom the case, his patron became more than usually cold and sullen, and sometimes uttered a short dry sarcasm which would have struck dumb any person of ordinary assurance. In spite of such occurrences, however, the amity between this singular pair [Gilbert Burnet and William of Orange] continued, with some temporary interruptions, till it was dissolved by death. Indeed it was not easy to wound Burnet’s feelings. His self-complacency, his animal spirits, and his want of tact, were such that, though he frequently gave offence, he never took it.

History of England, Vol. 2, Ch. 7.

The Divills was brawling when
Burnet dessended
Transported with joy they left
of contending

Old Belzebub ran the archbishop
to meet,
and thus the arch Rebell the
apostate did greet. wt. a fa la la

Och my Dr Doctor Burnet
I’m pleased beyond measure
this visite unlookt for
gives me infinite pleasure

But o my Dr Saram
how goes things above
Doth George hate the Toryes
and Whiggks only love wt. a fa la a

Were your highness impropriated
in person to reign
You coud not more bravely our party

But how doth gd. Robert?
O perfectly well
A …. whigg
you had nere in hell wt. a fa la &

Hugh Peter is making
a Sneaker within
for Luther, Buchannan, Jo. Knox, and Calvin
but ore ye have tipled a brass of punch bowls
yile swear you never
Drank wt. Dishonester souls, wt. a fa

This night wile caruse
putt ane end to all pain
goe Cromwell you dog
King William unchaine
and tell him at length
yt. Sarams come down
who just left his Mitre
as he left his Crown, wt. a fa la la

They lived as they dyed
in our Service all spent
they only come hear
who never repents.
Lett the heralds aloud,
our victory tell
lett George live for ever
amen cryed all hell.

Book of Clanranald.

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