John Campbell, 5th Laird of Glenorchy

John Campbell, 5th Laird of Glenorchy.
John Campbell, 5th Laird of Glenorchy.

Jhone Campbell, brother germane to the foresaid Duncane, succedit fyft laird of Glenvrquhay.

The said Jhone mareit Marion Edmestoun, dochtir to the laird of Dountreith, before he succedit laird of Glenvrqhuay, on quhome he begat tua dochteris: The ane callit Cristiane Campbell, quha wes mareit on the tutour of Lus: And the vther callit Marioun Campbell, quha wes mareit on Alexander Home of Argadie.

The said Jhone levit laird fyftene yeiris, quha, besyde the keping of the auld leving haill, conquesit the twelf markland of Ardbeich, quhilk he left to the hows with great riches and stoir.

He deceissit in the Ile of Lochtay the 5 of Julii anno 1550.

And wes honorablie bureit in the chapell off Finlarg.

The Black Book of Taymouth.

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