You Are Dissolved Accordingly

Capitol Building, from a silver gelatin photograph, c. 1934–1950, Fay Sturtevant Lincoln; A. D. White Architectural Photographs, Cornell University Library.
Capitol Building, from a silver gelatin photograph, c. 1934–1950, Fay Sturtevant Lincoln; A. D. White Architectural Photographs, Cornell University Library.

Et appropinquans ait: Numquid perdes justum cum impio? Et dixit: Non delebo propter decem.

Genesis xviii. 23, 32.


THIS House being deeply impressed with Apprehension of the great Dangers to be derived to British America, from the hostile Invasion of the City of Boston, in our Sister Colony of Massachusetts Bay, whose Commerce and Harbour are on the 1st Day of June next to be stopped by an armed Force, deem it highly necessary that the said first Day of June be set apart by the Members of this House as a Day of Fasting, Humiliation, and Prayer, devoutly to implore the divine Interposition for averting the heavy Calamity, which threatens Destruction to our civil Rights, and the Evils of civil War; to give us one Heart and one Mind firmly to oppose, by all just and proper Means, every Injury to American Rights, and that the Minds of his Majesty and his Parliament may be inspired from above with Wisdom, Moderation, and Justice, to remove from the loyal People of America all Cause of Danger from a continued Pursuit of Measures pregnant with their Ruin.

Ordered, therefore, that the Members of this House do attend in their Places at the Hour of ten in the Forenoon, on the said 1st Day of June next, in Order to proceed with the Speaker and the Mace to the Church in this City for the Purposes aforesaid; and that the Reverend Mr. Price be appointed to read Prayers, and the Reverend Mr. Gwatkin to preach a Sermon suitable to the Occasion.

Ordered, that this Order be forthwith printed and published. By the HOUSE of BURGESSES.


* * *

Thursday, the 26th of May. 14 Geo. III. 1774.

A Message from the Governor by Mr Blair:

Mr Speaker,

The Governor commands this House to attend his Excellency immediately, in the Council Chamber.

Accordingly Mr Speaker with the House, went up to attend his Excellency in the Council Chamber, where his Excellency was pleased to say to them.

Mr Speaker and Gentlemen of the House of Burgesses,

I have in my hand a Paper published by Order of your House, conceived in such Terms as reflect highly upon his Majesty and the Parliament of Great Britain; which makes it necessary for me to dissolve you; and you are dissolved accordingly.

— Journals of the House of Burgesses of Virginia, 1619–1776, Richmond, 1905–1915, 1773–1776, p. 132.


* * *

In the order of the house of burgesses which I before transmitted, your lordship will observe, that the Rev. Mr. Gwatkin, who was the professor of mathematics and natural philosophy in this college, and is now the principal master of the grammar school, and who is of a most exemplary good character and great literary abilities, is appointed to preach the sermon on that occasion; in justice to which gentleman, I think it necessary to let your lordship know, that his name was made use of entirely without his knowledge, and that he civilly but with firmness declined being employed for such a purpose, and which proved no little mortification to the party who dictated the measure.

Letter from the Earl of Dunmore to the Earl of Dartmouth, dated Williamsburg, 6th June, 1774.

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