Brownie of Cille Chòmhghain

Minggary Castle (Caisteal Mhìogharraidh), near Kilchoan, Ardnamuchan, Lochaber.
Minggary Castle (Caisteal Mhìogharraidh), near Kilchoan, Ardnamuchan, Lochaber.

KILLICHÖAN, while in possession of the MacLachlans, was haunted by a brownie. Like his fellows elsewhere, he showed great concern for the welfare of the family. This concern was shown in a demonstrative manner on occasions of importance. When members of the family were once going to the army in time of war, the brownie was heard crying and wailing in the waterfall near the house. He came to one of the servants on that occasion and entreated of her to see to it that none of the requisites to the last meal on the table should be omitted. It is said that she omitted salt, and that some of those who went to the war were killed. One of the servants expressed an eager desire to see the brownie. Being on a certain Sabbath, alone in the house, she happened to go into the men’s room. When she opened the door, she saw an old grey-headed man, in kilt and hose, whom she was not aware of having seen before. He was lying in one of the beds, and smiled to her. Remembering what she had heard about the brownie, she got frightened ,and fled to the mansion-house. When the other servants came home, she told them what she saw. They said to her, “You deserve it. You have got your wish: you have seen the brownie.”

Lord Archibald Campbell, Records of Argyll.

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