BRECBANNOCH. Between the years 1204 and 1211, King William the Lion granted to the monks of Arbroath “custodiam de Brechbennoche,” and “cum predicta Brachbennoche terram de Forglint datam Deo et sancto Columbe et le Brachbennache,” on the tenure “faciendo inde servicium quod michi in exercitu debetur de terra ilia cum predicta Brachbennache.” This grant is recited in […]

Foundation of the Monastery of Deer

Folio 3 of the Book of Deer (Leabhar Dhèir) contains a continuation of the Gospel According to St. Matthew and a Scottish Gaelic account of the foundation of the Monastery of Deer by SS. Columba and Drostan. Colum Cille & Drostán mac Cosgreg a dalta tángator a hÍ mar ro falseg Dia doib gonic’ Abbordoboir, & Bede […]

A Door is Opened

Meanwhile the most blessed man, grieved that the devil, who had been driven out of the region beside the ocean, had found for himself a dwelling place in a corner of the island in the hearts of the Picts, girded himself as a strong wrestler to overthrow his kingdom, and put on, moreover, the shield […]

Arms of Dómhnall Íle at Reid Harlaw

A chlanna cuinn, cuimhnichidh Cruas an am na h’iorghuil Gu arinneach gu arronntach, Gu arch, gu allonnta’ *  *  *  *  *  * Gu gruamach, gu grinnail, Gu grainail, gu gaisgail, Gu gleusda, gu geinnail, Gu gasda, gu guineach, Gu galghaircach, gu griongalach, Gu griosnamhach, gu gairlamhach, Gu glansgathach, gu geurlannach, &c. Race of Conn, […]

Killed Them A’ but Ane

Johnny arose on a May mornin’ Gone for water tae wash his hands He hae loused tae me his twa gray dogs That lie bound in iron bands When Johnny’s mother, she heard o’ this Her hands for dule she wrang Cryin’, “Johnny, for yer venison Tae the green woods dinna ye gang” Aye, but […]

Mysterious Scottish Petrospheres

Carved Stone Balls are petrospheres, usually round and rarely oval. They have from 3 to 160 (but usually six) protruding knobs on the surface. Their size is fairly uniform at around 2.75 inches or 7 cm across, they date from the late Neolithic to possibly as late as the Iron Age, and are mainly found in Scotland, but also elsewhere in […]

Book of Deer: Folio 5 Recto

The Book of Deer (Leabhar Dhèir in Gaelic) (Cambridge University Library, MS. Ii.6.32) is a 10th-century Latin Gospel Book with early 12th-century additions in Latin, Old Irish and Scottish Gaelic. It is noted for containing the earliest surviving Gaelic writing from Scotland. The origin of the book is uncertain, however it is reasonable to assume that the manuscript was at Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland when the marginalia were […]