Columba of the Graves and Tombs

BEANNACHADH BUANA. DHE beannaich fein mo bhuain, Gach imir, cluan, agus raon, Gach corran cama, cuimir, cruaidh, Gach dias is dual a theid ’s an raoid, Gach dias is dual a theid ’s an raoid. Beannaich gach murn agus mac, Gach mnaoi agus miuchainn maoth, Tiuir iad fo sgiath do neairt, Is tearmaid ann an […]

God with Me Lying Down

Dia liom a laighe Dia liom ag eirigh, Dia liom anns gach rath soluis, Is gun mi rath son as aonais, Gun aon rath as aonais. Criosda liom a cadal, Criosda liom a dusgadh, Criosda liom a caithris, Gach la agus oidhche, Gach aon la is oidhche. Dia liom a comhnadh Domhnach liom a riaghladh, […]

Bride Ban-Chobhair

Thainig thugam cobhair Moire gheal is Bride; Mar a rug Anna Moire, Mar a rug Moire Criosda, Mar a rug Eile Eoin Baistidh Gun mhar-bhith dha dhi, Cuidich thusa mise ‘m asaid, Cuidich mi a Bhride! Mar a gheineadh Criosd am Moire Comhliont air gach laimh, Cobhair thusa mise, mhoime, An gein a thoir bho […]

Thursday of Columba Benign

Thursday of Columba benign Day to send sheep on prosperity, Day to send cow on calf, Day to put the web in the warp. Day to put coracle on the brine, Day to place the staff to the flag, Day to bear, day to die, Day to hunt the heights. Day to put horses in […]

On Sunday Will Arise My King

Di-luain thig an doireann trom, A shileas am bith eutrom, Bithidh sinn umhail gach greis, Gach uile na dh’ eisdeas. Di-mairt thig an t-sian eile, Cradh chridheach, cruaidh pheinneach, A shileas na gruaidheana glana, Frasa fala fiona. Di-ciadain a sheideas gaoth, Sguaba lom air shrath is raon, Dortadh oiteag barra theann, Beithir bheur ’s reubadh […]

Calum-Cille, Peadail, agus Pol

A day as I was going to Rome, I forgathered with Columba, Peter, and Paul, The talk that they had and that happened in their mouths, Was loud-lunged, white-bellied, female calves, As was spoken in the prophecy, On this foundation for a year and a day, Through the bosom of the God of life and […]

Sian Bride

The charm put by Bride the beneficent, On her goats, on her sheep, on her kine, On her horses, on her chargers, on her herds, Early and late going home, and from home. To keep them from rocks and ridges, From the heels and the horns of one another From the birds of the Red […]

Eolas a Bheum Shula

I trample upon the eye, As tramples the duck upon the lake, As tramples the swan upon the water, As tramples the horse upon the plain, As tramples the cow upon the ‘iuc,’ As tramples the host of the elements, As tramples the host of the elements. Power of wind I have over it, Power […]

Failt, a Mhoire!

Hail, Mary! hail, Mary! Queen of grace, Mother of mercy; Hail, Mary, in manner surpassing, Fount of our health, source of our joy. To thee we, night and day, Erring children of Adam and Eve, Lift our voice in supplication, In groans and grief and tears. Bestow upon us, thou Root of gladness, Since thou […]

Ora nam Buadh

I bathe thy palms In showers of wine, In the lustral fire, In the seven elements, In the juice of the rasps, In the milk of honey, And I place the nine pure choice graces In thy fair fond face, The grace of form, The grace of voice, The grace of fortune, The grace of […]


A Dhia, ann mo ghniamh Ann mo ghniamh, Ann mo bhriathar, Ann mo mhiann, Ann mo chiall, Ann an riarachd mo chail, Ann mo shuain, Ann mo bhruail, Ann mo chluain, Ann mo smuain, Ann mo chridh agus m’anam a ghnath, Biodh an Oigh bheannaichte, Moire, Agus Ogan geallaidh na glorach a tamh, O ann […]

Beannaich, a Thriath

Bless, O Chief of generous chiefs Myself and everything anear me, Bless me in all my actions, Make Thou me safe for ever, Make Thou me safe for ever. From every brownie and ban-shee, From every evil wish and sorrow, From every nymph and water-wraith, From every fairy-mouse and grass-mouse, From every fairy-mouse and grass-mouse. […]