What a Woman Should Be Alphabetically

What a Woman Should be Alphabetically. — A woman should be Amiable, Benevolent, Charitable, Domestic, Economical, Forgiving, Generous, Honest, Industrious, Judicious, Kind, Loving, Modest, Neat, Obliging, Pleasant, Quiet, Reflecting, Sober, Tender, Urbane, Virtuous, Wise, Exemplary, Yielding, Zealous. — Charleston Mercury, 24 December 1863, p. 1, c. 1.

Straightway Went He to Bring the Cleric to Life

After his birth he was straightway taken to be baptised by Cruithnechán, son of Cellachán, the noble priest, and he fostered him afterwards, being so bidden by an angel of God. Now, when came the time for him to read, the cleric went to a certain spaeman, who was biding in the country, to ask […]