The Old Foundations of Life

Gaelic-speaking Ireland, because its art has been made, not only by the artist choosing his material from wherever he has a mind to, but by adding a little to something which it has taken generations to invent, has always had a popular literature. We cannot say how much that literature has done for the vigour […]

Christ Alone Has the Power

Christ might indeed have chosen to select another form of government, and to institute the visible Church either as a democracy or as an aristocracy. Either of these is a conceivable and a possible form of government, and either is compatible with the existence of a governed society. Both of them have actually existed as forms […]

She Speaks with Rank and Roses

Occasion in the village hall, she speaks with rank and roses, So high above them all; What could they do? He struts with dog and gun, they scramble through a heather hell, Beat the ground until they run; What could they do? A little respect would have helped them through. — Rank and Roses, Dougie […]