She Dispenses

Hence, as it was through the Theotokos alone that the Lord came to us, appeared upon earth and lived among men, being invisible to all before this time, so likewise in the endless age to come, without her mediation, every emanation of illuminating divine light, every revelation of the mysteries of the Godhead, every form […]

It Is Not Here

Then the apostles with great honour laid the body in the tomb, weeping and singing through exceeding love and sweetness. And suddenly there shone round them a light from heaven, and they fell to the ground, and the holy body was taken up by angels into heaven. Then the most blessed Thomas was suddenly brought […]

XVIII Kalendas Septembres

XVIII KALENDAS SEPTEMBRES ID EST XIIII DIE MENSIS AUGUSTI UIGILIA ADSUMPTIONIS SANCTAE MARIAE Deus qui uirginalem aulam beatae Mariae, in quam habitares eligere dignatus es, da quaesumus, ut sua nos defensione munitos iocundos faciat suae interesse festiuitati: per. Super oblata. Magna est domine apud clementiam tuam dei genetricis oratio, quam idcirco de praesenti saeculo transtulisti, ut pro peccatis […]

Most Holy Mother of God, Save Us!

O Mary, thou sacred dwelling of the Lord, raise us fallen into a bottomless pit of despair, wrongdoing and affliction; for thou art the salvation and succour and powerful advocate of those that have sinned, and thou dost save thy servants. Matins, Tone 1, Sessional Hymn.

The Glory of Brightness

Quam si diligentius aspicias, nihil virtutis est, nihil speciositatis, nihil candoris gloriae, quod ex ea non resplendeat.1 Der Pseudo-Hieronymus-Brief IX “Cogitas me”, ed. Ripberger, §92. Nis heo nanes haliges mægnes bedæled, ne nanes wlites, ne nanre beorhtnysse; and forðy heo wæs ymbtrymed mid rosen and lilian, þæt hyre mihta wæron mid mihtum underwriðode, and hire […]

The Nard of Bernard’s Sanctity

  Iam Regína discúbuit, Sedens post Unigénitum: Nardus odórem tríbuit, Bernárdus, tradens spíritum. The Queen of Heaven reclines, Seated after the Only-Begotten Son. Bernard, yielding up his spirit, Proffers her the perfume of spikenard. Dulcis Regínæ gústui Fructus sui suávitas: Dulcis eius olfáctui Nardi Bernárdi sánctitas. Sweet to the Queen’s taste Is the fruit of […]

As an Army Set in Array

Quae est ista, quae ascendit sicut aurora consurgens, pulchra ut luna, electa ut sol, terribilis ut castrorum acies ordinata? Ant. ad Ben. from the Office of the Assumption of the BVM (Cant. vi. 9.).

A Quality of the Imagination

We don’t know how the Assumption or the Immaculate Conception were brought about nor is this a matter for science in any way. Dogma is the guardian of mystery. The doctrines are spiritually significant in ways that we cannot fathom. According to St. Thomas, prophetic vision is not a matter of seeing clearly, but of […]

An Ineffable Fragrancy

It has been above said, that the holy Pulcheria built many churches to Christ at Constantinople. Of these, however, there is one which was built in Blachernæ, in the beginning of Marcian I’s reign of divine memory. These, therefore, namely, Marcian and Pulcheria, when they had built a venerable temple to the greatly to be celebrated and most […]

Redounding to the Glory of the Most Blessed Trinity

Now, just like the present age, our pontificate is weighed down by ever so many cares, anxieties, and troubles, by reason of very severe calamities that have taken place and by reason of the fact that many have strayed away from truth and virtue. Nevertheless, we are greatly consoled to see that, while the Catholic […]