Band and Statues of Icolmkill

[T]he first of a succession of measures taken by the Scottish government specifically aimed at the extirpation of the Gaelic language, the destruction of its traditional culture and the suppression of its bearers. Gaelic: A Past and Future Prospect. MacKinnon, Kenneth. The Saltire Society 1991, Edinburgh. Whoever would understand one of the most important transactions […]

Arms of Dómhnall Íle at Reid Harlaw

A chlanna cuinn, cuimhnichidh Cruas an am na h’iorghuil Gu arinneach gu arronntach, Gu arch, gu allonnta’ *  *  *  *  *  * Gu gruamach, gu grinnail, Gu grainail, gu gaisgail, Gu gleusda, gu geinnail, Gu gasda, gu guineach, Gu galghaircach, gu griongalach, Gu griosnamhach, gu gairlamhach, Gu glansgathach, gu geurlannach, &c. Race of Conn, […]

The Image of Irelande, with a Discouerie of VVoodkarne