When Battle Flags Are Furled

THERE IS NO FAILURE. There is no failure!┬áLife itself is a song Of victory or death, and ages long Have told the story of the triumph wrought Unending from things once held for naught. The battle’s o’er; though defeated now, In coming time the waiting world shall bow Before the throne of truth that’s builded […]

Wrongs Inflicted, Insults Spoken

SOUTHRONS, hear your Country call you, Up, lest worse than death befall you! To arms! To arms! To arms, in Dixie! Lo! all the beacon-fires are lighted,– Let all hearts be now united! To arms! To arms! To arms, in Dixie! Advance the flag of Dixie! Hurrah! Hurrah! In Dixie’s land we take our stand, […]

An Act to Establish the Flag

First Congress, Session III, Chapter 88. CHAP. LXXXVIII.–An act to establish the Flag of the Confederate States. The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That the flag of the Confederate States shall be as follows: the field to be white, the length double the width of the flag, with the union, (now […]