Donum Sanationis

MALCOLM Well, more anon.—Comes the king forth, I pray you? DOCTOR Ay, sir; there are a crew of wretched souls That stay his cure. Their malady convinces The great assay of art, but at his touch— Such sanctity hath heaven given his hand— They presently amend. MALCOLM I thank you, doctor. (Exit DOCTOR.) MACDUFF What’s […]

Attachment to the Cause of Our Injured King

It is easy enough, no doubt, for any one who is so inclined, to neutralize all that the Church can say, by a dexterous use of party-feeling: easy, to call it a device of the State for upholding a particular set of opinions. But the matter may be brought to a short issue. If attachment […]

Anathema Sit

CURSED is the man that maketh any carved or molten image, to worship it. And the people shall answer and say,Amen. Minister. Cursed is he that curseth his father or mother. Answer. Amen. Minister. Cursed is he that removeth his neighbour’s landmark. Answer. Amen. Minister. Cursed is he that maketh the blind to go out of […]