A Bulwark Never Failing

THE XLVI. PSALME OF DAVID. Deus noster refugium. Oure God is a defence and towre, A good armoure and good weapē; He hath been ever oure helpe and sucoure, In all the troubles that we have ben in. Therfore wyl we never drede, For any wonderous dede By water or by londe, In hillis or […]

In the Congregation of Gods

Deus stetit in synagóga deórum: in médio autem deos diiúdicat. Úsquequo iudicátis iniquitátem: et fácies peccatórum súmitis? Iudicáte egéno, et pupíllo: húmilem, et páuperem iustificáte. Erípite páuperem: et egénum de manu peccatóris liberáte. Nesciérunt, neque intellexérunt, in ténebris ámbulant: movebúntur ómnia fundaménta terræ. Ego dixi: Dii estis, et fílii Excélsi omnes. Vos autem sicut hómines […]

Eructavit Cor Meum Verbum Bonum

The sound of the Voice of Columbkille Great its sweetness above all clerics: To the end of fifteen hundred paces, Though great the distance, it was distinctly heard. — From the Irish Life of St. Columba in the Leabhar Breac. I must not pass over another well-authenticated story, told, indeed, by those who heard it, regarding […]

The Voice of Thy Thunder Was in the Heaven

Illuxerunt coruscationes tuae orbi terrae: commota est, et contremuit terra. * Quam dilecta tabernacula tua, Domine virtutum! concupiscit et deficit anima mea in atria Domini. — Psalm lxxvi,19. and Psalm lxxxiii, 2-3. from the Introit of Mass of the Transfiguration.

An Order of Malediction

Adomnán has also set down an order of malediction for them, to wit, a psalm for every day up to twenty days and an apostle or a noble saint for every day to be invoked with it, to wit, “Quare” and Peter, “Domine quid multiplicati” and John, “Verba mea” and Philip, “Domine Deus meus” and Bartholomew, “Dixit insipiens” and Thomas, “Deus, […]