Is Your Faith Ever Tested?

Bishop O’Neill: So Father, do you ever have any doubts? Is your faith ever tested? Any trouble you’ve been having with beliefs or anything like that? Father Dougal: Well you know the way God made us, and he’s looking down at us from heaven? Bishop O’Neill: Yeah… Father Dougal: And then his Son came down […]

I’ve Heard About Those Cults

Father Dougal: God Ted, I’ve heard about those cults. Everyone dressing in black and saying Our Lord’s going to come back and judge us all. Father Ted: No… no Dougal, that’s us. That’s Catholicism you’re talking about there. Father Dougal: Whole of this Catholic thing is a bit of a puzzler, isn’t it Ted? — […]

The Irish According to Fynes Moryson (II)

The Irish are by nature very factious, all of a sept or name living together, and cleaving close one to another in all quarrels and actions whatsoever, in which kind they willingly suffer great men to eat upon them, and take whatsoever they have, proverbially saying ‘Defend me and spend me’; but this defence must be in all […]