The Wayfarer

THE WAYFARER. I. Among those in the home-straths of Argyll who are now grey, and in the quiet places of whose hearts old memories live green and sweet, there must be some who recall that day when a stranger came into Strath Nair, and spoke of the life eternal. This man, who was a minister […]

Charity Remains Unforgotten

All that is of earth, to earth must needs return, and all waters find their way back to the sea; what shall become of bribery and oppression? The memory of them shall vanish; faithfulness will endure for ever. All the riches of the wrong-doer will disappear, like stream that runs dry, will die away, like […]

Which Ones Touch the Sun?

You must know someone like him He was tall and strong and lean With a body like a greyhound And a mind so sharp and keen But his heart, just like a laurel, Grew twisted round itself Till almost every thing he did Caused pain to someone else CHORUS: It’s not just what you’re born […]