Base Alien Mongrels

In an abbey not far from the town of Dungiven Their spirit hovers over that once much-loved soil Where there lies brave Cooey, that once-mighty chieftain Who commanded of yore from the Bann to the Foyle His statue disfigured by base alien mongrels His name oft impaired by unscrupulous foes Yet his soul shines in […]

Omnium Consensu ad Eum Defertur Imperium

There in like manner, Vercingetorix the son of Celtillus the Arvernian, a young man of the highest power (whose father had held the supremacy of entire Gaul, and had been put to death by his fellow-citizens, for this reason, because he aimed at sovereign power), summoned together his dependents, and easily excited them. On his design being made known, […]

I Believe You Are a Campbell

Being desirous to visit the opposite shore of the island, where Saint Columba is said to have landed, I procured a horse from one M’Ginnis, who ran along as my guide. The M’Ginnises are said to be a branch of the clan of M’Lean. Sir Allan had been told that this man had refused to send him […]