Slane at the Feild of Flowdane

Sir Duncane Campbell, eldast and lauchfull sone to the foirsaid Sir Colene, succedit secund laird of Glenvrquhay, as said is. The said Sir Duncane mareit Margaret Dowglas dochtir lauchfull to the Erle of Angus, on quhome he begat thre sones: The eldast callit Sir Colene: The second namit Archbald: The thrid Patrik, quha deit being […]

Cultoquhey Prayer

From the greed of the Campbells From the ire of the Drummonds From the pride of the Grahams And from the wind of the Murrays Gude Lord preserve us. —┬áComposed in the 1700s by an eccentric Laird of Cultoquhey in Perthshire about his powerful neighbours.