As Thicke As Pleates May Lye

With skulles upon their poules, Insteade of civil cappes, With speares in hand and sword by sides, To bear off afterclappes; With jackettes long and large, Which shroud simplicitie: Though spiteful dartes which they do beare Importe iniquitie. Their shirtes be verie straunge, Not reaching paste the thigh, With pleates on pleates they pleated are, […]

Nothing Must Be Left on the Plate

Description of a Shaker Village. — A correspondent writing from Concord, N. H., sends the following interesting account of the Canterbury Shakers: Twelve miles from Concord, in the township of Canterbury, is situated the Shakers’ village. These peculiar people have here a settlement of about three hundred persons; their buildings are painted buff, and are […]

New Passport Photos and a New Me

I just had new passport photos taken: a necessity as my appearance has changed so much over the last year and a half. My face is much less “round”; my chin is much better defined. I’m now 5′ 10″, 157 pounds. My other measurements are 32″ waist, 30″ inseam, 38″ chest (38R jacket with sleeves usually […]