Arms of Småland

I gyllene fält ett rött lejon med blå beväring, därest sådan skall förekomma, och hållande i tassarna ett uppåtvänt rött armborst med pilspets av silver samt båge och strängar svarta.

Arms of the Xunta de Galicia

The coat of arms of Galicia is described in the Spanish Law 5 of May 29, 1984, the Law of the symbols of Galicia. The coat of arms of Galicia includes, enclosed in a field of azure, a chalice of gold with a silver host, accompanied by seven silver crosses, three on each side and one in the center of the shield (representative of the seven historic provinces of […]

Let Glasgow Flourish

The coat of arms of the City of Glasgow was granted to the royal burgh by the Lord Lyon on 25 October 1866. It incorporates a number of symbols and emblems associated with the life of Glasgow’s patron saint, Mungo (The Dear One, a pet name of St. Kentigern) which had been used on official seals prior to that date. The emblems […]

Arms of the Province of Nova Scotia

The coat of arms of the province of Nova Scotia is the oldest provincial achievement of arms in Canada, and the oldest British coat of arms outside Great Britain.  It was granted in 1625 by King Charles I for the first Scottish colony on the Canadian mainland.  The arms were also borne by the Baronets of Nova Scotia, a chivalric order. The Duke of […]