We Call to Our Help and Assistance

Therefore, on account of the aforesaid wrongs and infinite other wrongs which cannot easily be comprehended by the wit of man and yet again on account of the¬†injustice¬†of the kings of England and their wicked ministers and the constant treachery of the English of mixed race, who, by the ordinance of the Roman curia, were […]

No More Sin to Kill an Irishman Than a Dog

And though acts of this kind apppear horrible and detestable to all Christians, yet to those of that oft-mentioned nation, as by too hard a daily experience we feel, they seem honourable and praiseworthy, since those that do them reap not at all the punishment of which they are deserving, but by a too flagrant […]

No Better Deed

Edward Bruce, the destroyer of Ireland in general, both Foreigners and Gaidhil, was killed by the Foreigners of Ireland by dint of fighting at Dun-Delgan.  And there were killed in his company Mac Ruaidhri, king of Insi-Gall [Hebrides] and Mac Domnaill, king of Airthir-Gaidhil [Argyll], together with slaughter of the Men of Scotland around him.  And […]