No Tragick Story

EPITAPH WRITTEN BY ARCHIBALD, 9th EARL OF ARGYLE, UPON HIMSELF. Thou Passenger, that shalt have so much time To view my grave, and ask what was my crime,— No stain of error, no black vice’s brand, Was that which chas’d me from my native land. Love to my country,—twice sentenced to die,— Constrained my hands […]

Highland Wit and Humour

HIGHLAND WIT AND HUMOUR. By “Fionn.” A HIGHLAND boy went with his mother to Inverness to get his first pair of boots. Returning home with his boots slung round his neck, and feeling as proud as a chief, he paid little attention to his steps. Suddenly he struck his big toe against a stone with […]

My Hower Is Past

Near this place lyeth the body of Ann Clark of town, Midwife, who departed this life the 12th day January, 1733, Aged 77 years. Memento Mori. On harmless babes I did attend Whilst I on earth my life did spend, To help the helpless in their need, I ready was with care and speed, Many […]

Epitaph on a Yankee

EPITAPH ON A YANKEE. – Speaking of graves and buried Yankees, brings to mind an epitaph found chalked upon a shingle, which was stuck up at the head of a Yankee buried in a ditch on the battle field: “The Yankee host with blood-stained hands, Came Southward to divide our lands, This narrow and contracted […]