A Gurgling Cry

I don’t want to draw conclusions, I’ll leave that to yourself Maybe you’re still walking, maybe you’re still talking But every time I hear the news that old feeling comes back on We’re neck deep in the Big Muddy And the damn fools keep yelling to push on — Waist Deep in the Big Muddy, […]

Pills of White Mercury

“Streets of Laredo” (Roud 2), also known as the “Cowboy’s Lament”, is a famous American cowboy ballad in which a dying cowboy tells his story to a living one. Derived from the English folk song “The Unfortunate Lad,” it has become a folk music standard, and as such has been performed, recorded and adapted numerous times, with many variations. The old-time cowboy Frank […]

And They All Agree He’s a Bastard

Suppose they’re working you so hard it’s just outrageous; And they’re paying you all starvation wages. You go to the boss and the boss would yell: “Before I raise your pay I’d see you all in hell.” Well, he’s puffing a big cigar, feeling mighty slick, ‘Cause he thinks he’s got your union licked. Well, […]

Which Ones Touch the Sun?

You must know someone like him He was tall and strong and lean With a body like a greyhound And a mind so sharp and keen But his heart, just like a laurel, Grew twisted round itself Till almost every thing he did Caused pain to someone else CHORUS: It’s not just what you’re born […]