Daemones ab Eodem Recesserunt Fonte

Caput 10: De Alia Maligna Fontana Aqua Quam Vir Beatus in Pictorum Regione Benedixit ALIO in tempore, vir beatus, cum in Pictorum provincia per aliquot demoraretur dies, audiens in plebe gentili de alio fonte divulgari famam, quem quasi deum stolidi homines, diabolo eorum obcaecante sensus, venerabantur; nam de eodem fonticulo bibentes, aut in eo manus […]

The Barbarous Heathens Magnified the God of the Christians

Book II, Chapter XXVII of the Vita Columbae of St. Adomnán (627/8–704), abbot of Iona (679–704), contains an account which has been interpreted by many to be the first historic reference to the Loch Ness Monster. * * * At another time again, when the blessed man was staying for some days in the province of the Picts, he found […]

Bruide son of Maelchú

Death of Bruide son of Maelchú, king of the Picts. — Annals of Ulster, U584.3 This is the King Brude/Bruide about whom St. Adomnán writes in the Vita Columbae.  He does not make it clear, however, whether or not the Pictish king was converted by St. Columba or was already a Christian.