Is Your Faith Ever Tested?

Father Dougal McGuire.

Bishop O’Neill: So Father, do you ever have any doubts? Is your faith ever tested? Any trouble you’ve been having with beliefs or anything like that?

Father Dougal: Well you know the way God made us, and he’s looking down at us from heaven?

Bishop O’Neill: Yeah…

Father Dougal: And then his Son came down and saved everyone and all that?

Bishop O’Neill: Uh huh…

Father Dougal: And when we die, we’re all going to go to heaven?

Bishop O’Neill: Yes. What about it?

Father Dougal: Well that’s the part I have trouble with!

Oh Right. Well Done.

Fr. Dougal McGuire.

Father Dougal: Hello Len.

Bishop Brennan: Don’t call me Len, you little prick. I’m a bishop!

Father Dougal: Oh right. Well done.