Vocavit Columbam de Foraminibus Petre

Jesus, wishing to relieve sighing in favour of a song, called forth Columba from the holes of the rock, from the hollows of timber. This dove returned to the ark, bearing, moreover, the sign of God’s mercy in his mouth. — Responsory Volens Jesus from the Office of St.Columba; Inchcolm Antiphoner.

Ad Incursu Anglicorum et Insultu Emulorum

Pater Columba decus morum suscipe vota famulorum te laudantem serva chorum ad incursu anglicorum et insultu emulorum. Father Columba, glory of our national tradition receive the prayers of your servants save this choir that is praising you from attack by the English and assualt by rivals. — Antiphon from the Office for the Feast of St. Columba […]