Relegated to Oblivion

WHY GENERAL SHERMAN’S NAME IS DETESTED. BY COL. W. D. PICKETT, LEXINGTON, KY. I desire to supplement the article in the July VETERAN with the above title by answers to criticisms made and doubts cast upon the charges therein. As to the charge that at the burning of the large cotton mills at Roswell, Ga., […]

Yankee Impudence

YANKEE IMPUDENCE REBUKED. – The impudence of some of the Yankee prisoners brought to Richmond is unbearable. Friday, as the last instalment was passing along Cary street, one of them; true to the instinct and nature of the whole race, made a remark disparaging of the character of several ladies standing on the sidewalk. The […]

I Believe You Are a Campbell

Being desirous to visit the opposite shore of the island, where Saint Columba is said to have landed, I procured a horse from one M’Ginnis, who ran along as my guide. The M’Ginnises are said to be a branch of the clan of M’Lean. Sir Allan had been told that this man had refused to send him […]