The Head of the Table

The Chief of the Macdonalds happening to be in Ireland, was invited to an entertainment given by the Lord-Lieutenant. He chanced to be among the last that came in, and set himself at the foot of the table near the door. The Lord-Lieutenant asked him to come and sit beside him, and Macdonald, who had […]

Arms of Dómhnall Íle at Reid Harlaw

A chlanna cuinn, cuimhnichidh Cruas an am na h’iorghuil Gu arinneach gu arronntach, Gu arch, gu allonnta’ *  *  *  *  *  * Gu gruamach, gu grinnail, Gu grainail, gu gaisgail, Gu gleusda, gu geinnail, Gu gasda, gu guineach, Gu galghaircach, gu griongalach, Gu griosnamhach, gu gairlamhach, Gu glansgathach, gu geurlannach, &c. Race of Conn, […]

The Cat’s Back

Thereafter, some of the islanders and the Clandonald met with Clankeinzie at a place in Ross called Drumchatt, where ensued a sharp skirmish; bot in the even the ilanders wer put to the worst, and chassed out of Rosse at that tyme. — Genealogical History of the Earldom of Sutherland, Sir Robert Gordon, 1625.