A Pure and Dignified Society

Something of the old Scotch and English manners are still perceptible among the people in this part of Virginia; and there are bits of dialect and phrase which show how little the communities have been affected during the last century by the influences which have so transformed the populations of other sections of America. While […]

By the Numbers: Lynchburg, Virginia, 1843

The census of 1840, showed a population of upwards of five thousand. Since that time, there has been a considerable accession to the number of buildings; from which we may safely assume that our present population reaches, if it does not exceed 6,000. The extent of the tobacco trade of Lynchburg may be judged of […]

An Almost Boundless Panorama

After riding about a mile and a quarter, we came to the point beyond which horses cannot be taken, and dismounting our steeds, commenced ascending on foot. The way was very steep, and the day so warm, that we had to halt often to take breath. As we approached the summit, the trees were all […]

A Wide and Impassable Gulf Between Us

There were men born and nurtured in the Southern States, and some of them in my own State, who took sides with our enemies, and aided in desolating and humiliating the land of their own birth, and of the graves of their ancestors. Some of them rose to high positions in the United States Army, […]

Not Unworthy of Our Lineage

Rather let the flames envelope our dwellings, and our fields be gleaned with fire and sword; than that the one shall furnish shelter for the armed incendiaries who invade us, or the other yield him food. If we must, after being overborne, retire to cave and mountains, we shall at least perpetuate the forms of […]

An Odious Northern Despotism

“ … The struggle on our part is for existence itself, and the question is, whether the Confederate States shall remain free, self-governing communities, or become territorial appendages of an odious Northern despotism, — ruled by Northern governors, and overrun by Northern tax gatherers and escheators. In this struggle, we will most assuredly prevail. The […]