Without Any Exception

But, after all, this ruffianism was really not a whit worse in its effects on the national character than was the case with certain of the “universal peace” and “non-resistance” developments in the Northeastern States; in fact, it was more healthy. A class of professional non-combatants is as hurtful to the real, healthy growth of […]

An Hardy and Intrepid Race of Men

SCOTLAND, considering its limited population and extent, has made a distinguished figure in History. No country, in modern times, has produced Characters more remarkable for learning, valour, or ability, or for knowledge in the most important arts both of peace and of War; and though the Natives of that formerly independent, and hitherto unconquered, kingdom […]

Terror the While

The Bare-Footed Boys. By the sword of St. Michael, The old Dragon, through! By David, his sling, And the giant he slew! Let us write us a rhyme, As a record, to tell How the South, on a time, Stormed the ramparts of Hell With her bare-footed boys. Had the South in her borders A […]

To Lose This Spirit Is to Lose What No Small Advantage Will Compensate

It affords a generous and manly pleasure to conceive a little nation gathering its fruits and tending its herds with fearless confidence, though it lies open on every side to invasion, where, in contempt of walls and trenches, every man sleeps securely with his sword beside him; where all on the first approach of hostility […]