Agnus Deo Immolandus

Cantuariae, in Anglia, natalis sancti Thomae, Episcopi et Martyris, qui, ob defensionem justitiae et ecclesiasticae immunitatis, in Basilica sua, ab impiorum hominum factione percussus gladio, Martyr migravit ad Christum. Roman Martyrology, 29 December. (80.) Postquam autem intra fores ecclesiae monachi se receperant, jam dicti milites quatuor cursu rapidissimo post terga secuti sunt. Affuit inter illos […]

Stanislaus of Szczepanów

Stanisláus, apud Cracóviam nóbili génere natus, quem piis paréntibus, per trigínta annos stériles, a Deo précibus impetrárunt, ab ineúnte ætáte futúræ sanctitátis spécimen dedit. Adoléscens in sacra cánonum et theologíæ doctrína multum profécit. Paréntibus mórtuis, amplum patrimónium paupéribus distríbuit, vitæ monásticæ desidério. Sed, Deo áliter disponénte, canónicus Cracoviénsis et concionátor factus a Lampérto epíscopo, in […]

Except the Three Sacred Fingers

What Alanus Copus Nicholas Harpsfield and Father Henry Fitzsimons, of Dublin, have related about John Travers, an Irish doctor of sacred theology, who fell in Henry’s or Elizabeth’s time (I have not definitely ascertained which) is worth repeating. This man wrote something against the English heresy, in which he maintained the jurisdiction and authority of the Pope. Being arraigned […]

King Charles the Martyr

I must tell you that the liberty and freedom [of the people] consists in having of Government, those laws by which their life and their goods may be most their own. It is not for having share in Government, Sir; that is nothing pertaining to them. A subject and a sovereign are clean different things. […]