Thou Findest Him Not

Téicht doróim mór saido · becc · torbai · INrí chondaigi† hifoss · manimbera latt nífogbái · Mór báis mor baile mór coll ceille mor mire olais airchenn teicht dó ecaib · beith fo étoil · maíc · maire · † From a facsimile given by Matthaei in his XIII epistolarum Pauli Codex (1791), folio 23. […]

Pangur Bán

Preserved in the Reichenau Primer (Stift St. Paul Cod. 86b/1 fol 1v), and now kept in St. Paul’s Abbey in the Lavanttal, Pangur Bán (Gaelic “white fuller”) is a circa 9th century Old Irish poem composed by an anonymous Irish monk about his pet cat. The poem, which compares the activities of the cat with those of the scribe […]

Adomnán Obtained This Law of God

After fourteen years Adomnán obtained this Law of God, and this is the cause. On Pentecost Eve, a holy angel of the Lord came to him, and again at Pentecost after a year, and seized a staff, and struck his side and said to him, “Go forth into Ireland, and make a law in it that […]