Coptic Cairo Churches c. 1867

Returning now to the main building through the open screen that marks off the corridor, one may notice that the haikal proper, and the two aisle-chapels are under lofty semidomes. But the eastern wall of the haikal has the unusual form of a seven-sided apse below changing roofwards to a semicircle. The haikal-screen is ancient […]

Sancti Pii V

Deus, qui ad conterendos Ecclesiae tuae hostes, et ad divinum cultum reparandum, beatum Pium Pontificem Maximum eligere dignatus es: fac nos ipsius defendi praesidiis, et ita tuis inhaerere obsequiis; ut omnium hostium superatis insidiis, perpetua pace laetemur. Collect from the Roman Breviary. Hymn Belli tumultus from the Raccolta: Wars and tumults fill the earth; Men […]