The Sources of Daily and Exalted Pleasures

THOS. JEFFERSON TO CHAS. McPHERSON. Albermarle [sic], in Virginia, Feb. 25th, 1773. DEAR SIR,–Encouraged by the small acquaintance which I had the pleasure of having contracted with you during your residence in this country, I take the liberty of making the present application to you. I understood you were related to the gentleman of your name […]

So Near Was the Union to Receiving a Fatal Blow

——— Imperial Jove, He reigns unquestion’d in his Realms above; No Title from Descent he need infer, His red right Arm proclaims the Thunderer, This, Campbell, be thy Pride, Illustrious Peer, Alike to shine distinguish’d in your Sphere, All Merit but your own you may disdain, And Kings have been your Ancestors in vain. Mr. […]

Ou Nom Dé

Now came the Scots, under Kennedy. A gallant sight it was to see them advance, shoulder to shoulder — Scots of the Marches and the Lennox, Fife, Argyll, and the Isles, all gentlemen born. ‘Come on!’ cried Randal Rutherford. ‘Come on, men of the Marches, Scotts of the Forest, Elliots, Rutherfords, Armstrongs, and deem that, […]

No Power to Change the Doctrine of the Church

Intervention at the 6th general session Saturday, 10 October 2015. + Stanisław Gądecki, Metropolitan Archbishop of Poznań President of the Polish Bishops’ Conference To begin, I want to emphasize that the following intervention reflects not only my personal opinion, but the opinion of the entire Polish Bishops’ Conference. 1, There is no doubt that the […]

Wisdom, Firmness and Unanimity

Your lordship will doubtless receive many accounts of the situation of this continent. This province is without courts of justice or legislature — the whole country in a ferment — many parts of it, I may say, actually in arms, and ready to unite. Letters from other provinces tell us, they are violent every where, […]

Anglo-Saxon America vs. “Roman Politico-Religion”

This the reason why it is necessary for the truth, as to the discovery of America, to be established immediately. The near approach of the four hundredth anniversary of the landing and alleged discovery of Columbus, has revived the subject in the public mind and the floating rumours, occasionally taking concrete form in the American […]

An Emblem of Truth from the Author of Life

THE UNCONQUERED BANNER. Maud Dudley Shackelford, Tarboro, North Carolina (Confederate Veteran, Vol. XXVI, No. 11, November 1918.) There’s a banner that waves in the city of light, Unfurled by the saints for eternity there On the temple of peace, where the martyrs of right Now see it upraised from adversity’s snare; And the angel that […]

Periet Regnante Diluvio

The voice of Jerome summons those Christian nations which have unhappily fallen away from Mother Church to turn once more to her in whom lies all hope of eternal salvation. Would, too, that the Eastern Churches, so long in opposition to the See of Peter, would listen to Jerome’s voice. When he lived in the […]

Stanislaus of Szczepanów

Stanisláus, apud Cracóviam nóbili génere natus, quem piis paréntibus, per trigínta annos stériles, a Deo précibus impetrárunt, ab ineúnte ætáte futúræ sanctitátis spécimen dedit. Adoléscens in sacra cánonum et theologíæ doctrína multum profécit. Paréntibus mórtuis, amplum patrimónium paupéribus distríbuit, vitæ monásticæ desidério. Sed, Deo áliter disponénte, canónicus Cracoviénsis et concionátor factus a Lampérto epíscopo, in […]

Infused, Not Acquired

Catharína, virgo Senénsis, piis orta paréntibus, beáti Domínici hábitum, quem Soróres de Poeniténtia gestant, impetrávit. Summa eius fuit abstinéntia et admirábilis vitæ austéritas. Cum Pisis morarétur, die Domínico, refécta cibo cælésti et in éxtasim rapta, vidit Dóminum crucifíxum magno cum lúmine adveniéntem, et ex eius vúlnerum cicatrícibus quinque rádios ad quinque loca sui córporis descendéntes. […]

Error, Gruge, and Murmuracyon

By the KING. HENRY R. RIGHT trusty and welbiloued cousin we grete you well. And wher it is commen to our knowlaige that sundrie persons, aswell religious as seculer priests and curats in their peroches and diverse places within this our realme, do dailly asmoche as in them is, set forthe and extolle the iurisdiction […]