Non Est Quidquam Medii inter Vitam et Mortem!

Hic contingimus nucleum doctrinae translaticiae Ecclesiae, saepe et acriter in recenti Synodo assertae, quae non solum confirmavit, quod a Concilio Tridentino decretum est de exsistentia et natura peccatorum mortalium et venialium, sed etiam memoravit peccatum mortale esse peccatum, cuius obiectum est materia gravis et, insuper, quod plena conscientia et deliberato con sensu admittitur. Addatur oportet […]

No Power to Change the Doctrine of the Church

Intervention at the 6th general session Saturday, 10 October 2015. + Stanisław Gądecki, Metropolitan Archbishop of Poznań President of the Polish Bishops’ Conference To begin, I want to emphasize that the following intervention reflects not only my personal opinion, but the opinion of the entire Polish Bishops’ Conference. 1, There is no doubt that the […]

Tu Es Petrus (At Least for Another Week)

Today’s news of the pending “resignation”of our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, is most distressing — not simply the notion that a pope would abdicate the throne, (though I seem to remember that St. Peter persevered to the bitter end on a Roman cross), but because of the practical ramifications of the Holy Father’s vision […]

Of Wars and Rumours of Wars

I have been informed of an upcoming clandestine meeting of clerics who were recently expelled from the FSSPX. These priests were invited to leave the Society after the intrigue and disobedience surrounding their opposition to the Superior General of the FSSPX and his cautious willingness to engage the Roman authorities regarding the doctrinal issues which […]