We Are Not Ashamed!

Less than two weeks ago the President of the United States, in a public address, is reported as using these words: “They said that Grant had not the military genius that other generals displayed in the war. To my mind, his mind and brain represented the very genius of war to suppress the rebellion, because […]

Yankee Impudence

YANKEE IMPUDENCE REBUKED. – The impudence of some of the Yankee prisoners brought to Richmond is unbearable. Friday, as the last instalment was passing along Cary street, one of them; true to the instinct and nature of the whole race, made a remark disparaging of the character of several ladies standing on the sidewalk. The […]

The Health of the Yankee Mercenaries Continues to Be Quite Good

THE YANKEE PRISONERS. – We ascertain, from official sources, that the health of the Yankee mercenaries, whom the fortune of war have subjected to our control, continues to be quite good; notwithstanding the many disadvantages to which those entrusted with their care, are necessarily subjected.  Upwards of 1,700 Yankees are now confined in the several […]