Ensign Struck off Cherbourg

Some ten or fifteen minutes after the commencement of the action our spanker gaff was shot away, and our ensign came down by the run. This was immediately replaced by another at the mizenmast-head. Official Report of Captain Semmes. It was the boast of Admiral Semmes that nothing was saved, when the Alabama was sunk […]

A Toast to the Alabama

The wind blows off yon rocky shore, Boys! set your sails all free; And soon our booming cannon’s roar Shall ring out merrily. Run up your bunting taught a-peak, And swear, lads, to defend her; ‘Gainst every foe, where ‘er we go, Our motto “No Surrender!” Chorus: Then sling the bowl, drink ev’ry soul, A […]

Aide-toi et Dieu t’aidera

When the Alabama‚Äôs keel was laid Roll, Alabama, roll Twas laid in the yard of Jonathan Laird O Roll, Alabama, roll ‘Twas laid in the yard of Jonathan Laird Roll, Alabama, roll ‘Twas laid in the town of Birkenhead O Roll, Alabama, roll Down the Mersey way she rolled then Roll, Alabama, roll Liverpool fitted […]