‘Tis Dripping with Our Blood

Oh, I’m a good old Rebel soldier, now that’s just what I am; For this “Fair Land of Freedom” I do not give a damn! I’m glad I fit against it, I only wish we’d won, And I don’t want no pardon for anything I done. I hates the Constitution, this “Great Republic,” too! I […]

Stiff in Southern Dust

[…] I hates the Constitution, this great Republic, too; I hates the Freedmen’s Bureau, in uniforms blue. I hates the nasty eagle, with all his brags and fuss; The lyin’, thievin’ Yankees, I hates ’em wuss and wuss. I hates the Yankee nation, and everything they do; I hates the Declaration of Independence, too; I hates […]

The Clansman

“It is like writing history with lightning.  And my only regret is that it is all so terribly true.” — President Woodrow Wilson. Despite its controversial historical and ideological perspectives, D. W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation (1915) is technically one of the greatest motion pictures of all time.  It was the first movie screened […]