Space Babies

I am certain that just as there are Cultural Catholics (those raised in a nominally Catholic milieu but possessing little or no faith) there are Cultural Mormons (decent Americans who don’t know or care little for the arcane and absurd doctrines of the Mormon faith into which they were unwillingly born).  I was hoping that […]


In three days’ of speeches at the Republican National Convention, former United States Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice has been the only speaker not to use a teleprompter.  This says something significant about the calibre of the GOP leadership and luminaries.  Though I disagree with many of her policy positions, she’s a very bright woman.

Hurricane Party?

I love hurricanes (incidentally, the word is correctly pronounced “hur’-ǝ-kin”).  The last few years, despite official predictions of many storms making landfall, there have been very few interesting (i.e. impactful in my environs) storms, and none so far this year. But Tropical Depression Nine is looking good.  The computer models have it coming over the […]