Glenorchy Charm-stone of Breadalbane

[A]ne stone of the quantitie of half a hen’s egg sett in silver, being flatt at the ane end and round at the vther end lyke a peir, quhilk Sir Coline Campbell first Laird of Glenvrquhy woir quhen he faught in battell at the Rhodes agaynst the Turks, he being one of the Knychtis of […]

Cailean Dubh na Roimhe

Memorandum, the said Sir Colene throch his valiant actis and manheid maid Knicht in the Isle of Rhodos (quhilk standeth in the Carpathiane Sea neir to Caria ane countrie of Asia the les) and wes thre sundrie tymes in Rome. Black Book of Taymouth.