Est Rosarium praecipue implorando Matris Dei patrocinio adversus hostes catholici nominis institutum. Leo P.P. XIII., Salutaris ille spiritus precum, die XXIV. Decembris An. MDCCCLXXXIII. Our Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula is a Catholic building built by our fathers to be a House of God, for the celebration of the holy Mass, for the praise […]


I am quite unable to understand the fuss made by High Church people on this matter. To begin with, what have they got to do with it? No one asks them to use our devotions, although a great many do use them, expurgated, revised, and corrected. Our friends seem to be under the impression that […]

O Rosary That Recalled My Tear

A phaidrín do dhúisg mo dhéar, ionmhain méar do bhitheadh ort: ionmhain cridhe fáilteach fial ’gá raibhe riamh gus a nocht. Dá éag is tuirseach atáim, an lámh má mbítheá gach n-uair, nach cluinim a beith i gclí agus nach bhfaicim í uaim. O rosary that recalled my tear, dear was the finger in my […]

A New Pair of Beads

I recently commissioned Gayle Murphy of Queen of Peace Rosaries to restring a set of beads and hardware using her excellent — both sturdy and handsome — wire-wrapping technique. The result is magnificent! The crucifix is a heavy, handmade, sterling silver piece from South America — Peru, I believe. The Pater beads are sterling silver, […]