Small Eyebrows Were Considered Very Beautiful

The [Celtic] women were very beautiful, and were as tall and courageous as the men. The beauty of Claudia Rufina, a British lady, is celebrated by Martial. Ammianus seems to represent the females as stronger than their husbands, but he probably means in domestic warfare only. They paid much attention to their persons, especially in Aquitain, […]

The Gleam of Steel Flashing in Their Faces

Their arms were anciently the Glaymore, or great two-handed sword, and afterwards the two-edged sword and target, or buckler, which was sustained on the left arm. In the midst of the target, which was made of wood, covered with leather, and studded with nails, a slender lance, about two feet long, was sometimes fixed; it […]

Father of the Clan

The name of highest dignity is Laird, of which there are in the extensive Isle of Sky only three, Macdonald, Macleod, and Mackinnon. The Laird is the original owner of the land, whose natural power must be very great, where no man lives but by agriculture; and where the produce of the land is not […]

Fàilte dhut a Mhoire

FAILTE dhuit, a Mhoire Mhathair! Tha thu lan dhe na grasan caomh, Tha ’n Tighearna Dia maille riut a ghnath. Beannaicht thu, Mhairi, am measg nam mnai, Beannaicht toradh do bhronn, Iosa, Beannaicht thu, Righinn an ais; A Naomh Mhoire, a Mhathair Iosa, Guidh air mo shon-sa, peacach truagh, Nis agus aig uair mo bhais, […]