Tae Oor Dear Native Scenes

Poem Inspired by a Gaelic Topography of Balquhidder Parish: Rev. Alex MacGregor, EUP 1886 The Cloud Collector: Poems & Story in Scots & English (Maud, Aberdeenshire: Lochlands 2015) by Sheena Blackhall Field of the land producing thatch Shieling of grinding wheat Burn beside the dun coloured dell Burn of the mournful bleat Burn of the black […]

At the Glesga Necropolis

Wee Willie Winkie rins through the toun Upstairs an doonstairs in his nichtgoun Rappin at the windaes, tirlin at the lock Are aa the bairnies in their beds, it’s past echt o clock? There are bairnies sleepin here that niver waukened up Niver saw a simmer’s day, or got the birthin cup Niver watched the […]

A Waddin Toast

Be as the swans that glimmer ower the loch Waddit for life, until Daith dis them pairt Be as the Cushie Doos, that coort foraye Their dearies, wi a douce an tender-hairt Be as the Ernes, sae fierce, an yet sae leal Far reengin, yet wi a returnin wing Be as the Hoolets, bosied in […]