Thursday of Columba Benign

Thursday of Columba benign Day to send sheep on prosperity, Day to send cow on calf, Day to put the web in the warp. Day to put coracle on the brine, Day to place the staff to the flag, Day to bear, day to die, Day to hunt the heights. Day to put horses in […]

On Sunday Will Arise My King

Di-luain thig an doireann trom, A shileas am bith eutrom, Bithidh sinn umhail gach greis, Gach uile na dh’ eisdeas. Di-mairt thig an t-sian eile, Cradh chridheach, cruaidh pheinneach, A shileas na gruaidheana glana, Frasa fala fiona. Di-ciadain a sheideas gaoth, Sguaba lom air shrath is raon, Dortadh oiteag barra theann, Beithir bheur ’s reubadh […]

Warring Sighs and Groans I’ll Wage Thee

Ae fond kiss, and then we sever; Ae fareweel, alas, for ever! Deep in heart-wrung tears I’ll pledge thee, Warring sighs and groans I’ll wage thee! Who shall say that Fortune grieves him While the star of hope she leaves him? Me, nae cheerfu’ twinkle lights me, Dark despair around benights me. I’ll ne’er blame […]

Eolas a Bheum Shula

I trample upon the eye, As tramples the duck upon the lake, As tramples the swan upon the water, As tramples the horse upon the plain, As tramples the cow upon the ‘iuc,’ As tramples the host of the elements, As tramples the host of the elements. Power of wind I have over it, Power […]

Failt, a Mhoire!

Hail, Mary! hail, Mary! Queen of grace, Mother of mercy; Hail, Mary, in manner surpassing, Fount of our health, source of our joy. To thee we, night and day, Erring children of Adam and Eve, Lift our voice in supplication, In groans and grief and tears. Bestow upon us, thou Root of gladness, Since thou […]

Both Sides the Tweed

What’s the spring breathing jasmine and rose? What’s the summer with all its gay train? Or the splendour of autumn to those Who’ve bartered their freedom for gain? Let the love of our land’s sacred rights To the love of our people succeed; Let friendship and honour unite And flourish on both sides the Tweed. […]


Yo soy un hombre sincero De donde crece la palma, Y antes de morirme quiero Echar mis versos del alma. Mi verso es de un verde claro Y de un carmín encendido: Mi verso es un ciervo herido Que busca en el monte amparo. Cultivo una rosa blanca En julio como enero, Para el amigo […]

Precious Few Heroes

I was listening to the news the other day I heard a fat politician who had the nerve to say He was proud to be Scottish, by the way With the the glories of our past to remember “Here’s tae us, wha’s like us?” Listen to the cry No surrender to the truth and here’s […]

Is It True That He’s a Traitor?

Montrose, Montrose, you were the rose You gave your life for loyalty But it’s no’ the hour for a rose tae flower Between the kirk and royalty Montrose Father, father, tell me, why do the horsemen ride Why do the troopers look so grim by Jamie Graham’s side Is it true that he’s a traitor, […]

You’ve Got a Local Chapter of the DAR

Well we didn’t have to drag him in and jail him ‘Cause you don’t have to take it so far When your roots go back to Old Salem And you’ve got a local chapter of the DAR Now I don’t go tooting on my lobsters ‘Cause your pride doesn’t go with your plaid But it’s […]